Oh God Con

This is the first time I've had the leisure to post, after scrambling to make up all the stuff I put off when I skipped school on Friday to go to AWA. It makes me a bit nervous: I'm down to a 94 in Pre-Cal because I'm bad at math and I'm not so sure I passed my last English test, because my teacher is so stupid she is convinced Beowulf is in the first person and misspelled 'huge' 'hughe' about six times.

But, AWA. It was loads of fun; I got my picture taken often enough to make me feel good about my outfits, but I was sadly lax about getting pictures myself. Though I did get a pic of a beautiful Dante cosplayer; I would have liked to talk to him, but was too shy. XD

I missed some things I wanted to go to because of the time (like the time it took to buy a tire in Thompson (?) when ours blew out on the interstate) but was pretty packed with activities. Some things I missed because I pretty much crashed after six hours at the fashion show.

And about the fashion show: everyone was lovely. The clothing was beautiful, the photographer was polite and reasurring, Megan and Samantha were friendly and instructive, especially considering that several photographers, hair dressers, and make-up artists never showed, and, while I didn't talk to many of the other models (I fail at conversation), the ones I did talk to were nice and many conversations I overheard were hilarious. It was a wonderful experience. And I would NEVER do it again. My teeth literally started chattering when we did the practice walk, I couldn't get my hands to relax, and my mind was so blank when I was out there that I seriously couldn't count in my head to pose for as long as we were supposed to. Christina and some other girls (who's names I never learned D:) were very nice and calmed me down, but I am most definately not meant the be in front of crowds. I'd much rather be behind the curtain sending my stuff out on braver girls. XD

I'm already planning what will come next year, and might see about making it to momcon, depending on how I can work things.


About this time next week, I will be on the 3-4 hour drive home from Atlanta, so I thought this a fitting time to post.

I will be staying in the Waverly Hotel, skipping school on Friday to get there before opening ceremonies. I believe my outfit schedule will be: Friday: kimonos; Saturday: Trisha Elric; Sunday: lolita. I applied as a model for the lolita fashion show, but I've no particular hopes for being chosen. I'll be attending all the lolita panels/events, the Bebop Lounge, Maid Cafe, Sunday Reflections, and other such places I can fit in/drag my friends with me to.

I can't wait to meet up with some of my fellow con-goers!

September Hasn't Ended, But Unfortunately I'm Awake

Since my school registration is tomorrow, I decided to make an entry about what I did and did not accomplish this summer.

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This has made me feel rather better about my summer. Perhaps later, when school actually starts, I'll post about what I hope to accomplish this year (the beginning of school is rather more like New Year's for me than New Year's is).

Loliday in Augusta/Aiken

We were supposed to meet sandkunoichi18 in Augusta, but she was feeling poorly when we got there, so we went ahead and took pictures by the Riverwalk. (Please forgive the sideways pictures, I have dial-up and photobucket wouldn't let me edit them T.T)
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Loli hunting

I went loli hunting with my sister at Rue 21, T.J. Maxx, and Ross's yesterday. Collapse )

By the way, RENAISANCE FAIR THIS WEEKEND IN ATLANTA! We made our dresses for that too. Can't wait!

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I got my pannier!!!

It came today! It was part of my b-day present from my mom, along with the dress she's making me. The order picture is here:  http://www.fanplusfriend.com/catalog/UN00002_01g.jpg    It's so pretty! My skirts are actually puffy now! I'm so happy!

My dress is based off the Mary Magdalene dress here:  http://atashi.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/201-0126_00.jpg    It's going to be a bright blue, and the lace will be part of a separate skirt so that I can make another dress with a similar skirt. Since this is our first lolita experiment, and we had to seriously alter a pattern, we're mostly sticking to the picture, but next time I'd like to design more of it myself.

By the by, has anyone ever been to Joanne's Fabric and Crafts? I went a while ago, but I still get giddy thinking about it! Two whole walls covered with fabric! It was like a library of cloth! I want to get a new sewing machine (like one with a button-hole option), and a size dummy so I can make more things myself. I'm just learning, but I love sewing so much, I think I want to do commissions one day.

Going to buy a G.L. Bible with my B.A.M. gift card. Hope they have one with plenty of craft instructions.

Anyone else have any great fabric stores worth mentioning? Hobby Lobby is okay, but NOTHING like what I saw... oh, the beauty...